Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Is Coming Up - Part Two!

Hello loves, I told you in Thursday's post that I'd be back today, and here I am! 

Today I'm featuring some things from the Treena Bean Etsy Shop. I seriously adore every item in the Etsy shop, and nearly every item on our website!
You can see me style my Treena Bean finds on my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi quite regularly! **Be sure to enter that giveaway I have going on while you're stopping by my blog!**

Remember that you can get these accessories for yourself, family members, friends, or loved ones this Valentine season! They're all so much fun!

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-Treena Bean
-XO Abbigayle Rashae

These are a few of our fun Shabby Chic Headbands we sell on our Treena Bean Etsy Shop! Remember that they can be made for newborns to adults!
Red Heart on Cheetah Headband - $9.95
Plum Rosettes on Silver Headband - $8.95
Floral Rosettes on Poppy Peach Headband - $8.95
Hot Pink Rose Bow on Black Headband - $9.95
Poppy Peach Heart on Cheetah Headband - $9.95
                           HAIR CLIPS
I decided to pick a style of each of our Hair Clips for you guys to see! I personally love all of them. We sell them on our website and our Treena Bean Etsy Shop! Great for short, fine hair, or thick, curly hair!
Red Flower Jeweled  Hair Clip - $19.95
Plum Butterfly Wing Jeweled Hair Clip - $19.95
Multi-Colored Jeweled Butterfly Hair Clip - $19.95
These are gorgeous flowers and come in lots of colors! They're perfect for everyday use, or a special occasion. They'll be coming to the Etsy Shop on lace headbands soon! Come and take a look on our Treena Bean Etsy Shop!
Creamy Rose Shabby Chic Peony Flower - $13.95
Fuchsia Shabby Chic Peony Flower - $13.95
                                           SEWN HEADBANDS
These our one of my favorites from the shop! If you've looked at my blog   you'll see that I love adding them to my outfits! They're available with a flower for a few extra bucks, or you can tie them in a knot like I do! Buy yours at our Treena Bean Etsy Shop! 
Red w/ White Polka Dots Shabby Sewn Headband  - $12.95
Cheetah Print Shabby Sewn Headband - $12.95
Black & Cream Zig Zag Patter Shabby Sewn Headband - $12.95

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