Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things From The Shop & A Product Review

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share one of the collage's I made for a guest post for Treena Bean I'll be doing on Hidden Beauty Photography the 6th. It's just got a bit of items from the shop so you can see a few of the different items that we carry at Treena Bean!

Also, Rachel over at Hidden Beauty Photography did a review for our Green Crystal Rose Bangle mid-June but I never got around to posting about it! Click this link to see the review.

Hope you guys enjoy!
I'll be back soon with another post.

-Treena Bean

Robot Necklace-Retro Brass Robot Necklace $19.95
Hair Clip-New Plum Hair Clip $18.95
Spider Necklace-Retro Spider Necklace $17.95
Belt Ring-Retro Brass Belt Ring $11.95

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