Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! I'm back today with another sneak peek and some fun news.

  1. We're getting the site redone! Everything will be cleaner and just alot better. We're super excited to have this oppurtunity. Thank you all for supporting us in the shop!
  2. I wanted to show you a couple of the new items we've got in that'll go into the shop soon!
  3. We've got a real blog button. We'd appreciate it if you would support us further by putting our button on your blog! Thank you so much everyone.


  1. Thanks you guys!
    It'll soon be available in the shop.

    I'd love it if you'd also check out my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi(:

    -Treena Bean
    -XO Abbigayle Rashae