Thursday, April 4, 2013

NEW Alice In Wonderland Themed Items

Hello everyone! I'm SO EXCITED with today's post. You guys seriously don't know how in love I am with anything Alice In Wonderland! 
My mom and I have decided to start making headbands based on the movie Alice In Wonderland. We're choosing different characters such as the Chester Cat, Caterpillar, Alice, the Mad Hatter, etc. Each character will have more than one headband in varying degrees of crazy. We're working on getting more up right now! Be 100% honest, aren't these the best?! 
 Also, an explanation. As you can tell, these headbands are a bit more expensive than our usual headbands. But, as you can also tell, these have a lot more detail, with a lot more products, and take a lot more time to make. So, it's a bigger effort, in which case it needs to be a little more expensive to be worth our time.
We hope you love our new items as much as we do! 

*Click on the caption below the picture to be taken to that headband's page on Etsy*

-Treena Bean
-XO Abbigayle Rashae

Queen of Hearts Headband $17.95
Mad Hatter Headband $19.95
Mad Hatter Headband $23.95

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